East Coast Greenway Bicycle Adventure

Adventure description.

The Village Handyman rides

12/8/20221 min read

I had the opportunity to bicycle some of the Est Coast Greenway this past Summer, 2022. My friend Dave and I set out to bicycle from the Canadian/Maine border on a bicycle trail that stretches all the way to Key West, FL. We flew to Portland and bussed our way to Bangor where we met my sister who gave us a pleasant shuttle ride - with our boxed bicycles - all the way to the trail head in Calais, ME. We put our bikes together that night and got underway the following morning. We traveled 800 miles over 20 days and enjoyed some adventures over five states. I decided I'd had enough adventure in Stamford, CT where my wife met me to bring me home. Dave continued on another 2100 miles until he was interrupted by Hurricane Ian just 100 miles short of the finish line!

Dave and The Village Handyman at Canada/US Border